Powerful Stories & Stories of Power

Disability in the Domain of the "Most Powerful"

  • Mike Duggan
Keywords: disability, power, gifts and talents, perception, church, community, transformation, relationship, encounter, done unto, image of God


“Care” for those identified with the “disabled label” can make them into victims of the good works “done unto” them. This not only diminishes their own sense of value, but it can also deny their contribution to life and community. Foucaultian concepts of power, and constructive concepts of humankind, especially the Christian concept that humans are “made in the image of God,” (Genesis 1:27) provide tools for critique of this problem. Reciprocity and friendship provide avenues for reconsidering how the gifts and talents of those characterized as “disabled” might be appreciated and affirmed. Spirituality is a key concept, providing a respite from doing (unto) and opening means of being, and thus ways of appreciation.

Author Biography

Mike Duggan

Mike Duggan is the founding president and ongoing committee member of a disability Systems Advocacy Organisation, a long-standing president and ongoing committee member of a disability Change Organisation, the founding president and ongoing committee member of a cutting-edge supported accommodation organisation for people with disabilities, and president of a Queensland Disability Housing Peak Organisation. He is a regional coordinator of Christian Blind Mission’s (CBM) Luke14 project, working toward including people with disabilities in church life in Australia. Mike Duggan is a campaigner for a just and inclusive society. He was awarded the Queensland Social Justice Award 2004.

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