Beyond the Broken Body

An Ethic of Healing in the Way of Jesus

  • Ben Rhodes
  • Bethany McKinney
Keywords: community, disability, dealing, hospitality, Jesus


The Gospels include accounts of Jesus healing people with various types of disabilities. Contemporary interpretations of these accounts often focus on the aspect of physical cure. This way of reading, however, can create a church culture that is inhospitable to people with disabilities, treating them primarily as problems to be fixed. In this paper, I develop an alternative approach to these passages that takes into account both individual and social aspects of disability and healing. This approach applies William Spohn’s tool of analogical imagination to three healing texts from the Gospel of Mark, and incorporates the insights of three diverse scholars (Kathy Black, Ched Myers, and Keith Warrington). The result is an ethic of healing in the way of Jesus which points beyond an individualistic notion of healing broken bodies to the healing of broken and exclusionary communities.

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