John 9: A Question of Healing or a Question of Allegiance?

  • Payton Miller, MA (cand.) Fresno Pacific University
Keywords: allegiance, disability, healing, inclusion, John 9


This paper provides an exegesis of the John 9 pericope that is mindful of the historical, literary, and cultural elements surrounding the text in relation to disability. It discusses an interpretation of disability derived from John 9, as well as the relevance of this passage within its respective time period and in the present. Additionally, this paper examines the John 9 passage in relation to suffering, disability ministry, and God’s character. The conclusions derived from this exegesis of John 9 are then applied to the author’s life, ministry, and certain challenges relating directly to disability and suffering.

Author Biography

Payton Miller, MA (cand.), Fresno Pacific University

Payton Miller, MA (cand.) will receive an MA in the History of Christian Thought and Practice about Disability Ministry from Fresno Pacific University in December, 2019. She has interned with the Joni and Friends Central California area ministry, currently serves on their Irresistible Church Equipping Team, and leads a Bible study for young adults with special needs. Email:

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