Lessons Learned from a Young Slave Girl

  • Joel Luc Raveloharimisy, MBA, PhD
  • Ave Altius, MSCID
  • Angy Plata, MSCID
Keywords: advocate, disability, disability studies, advocacy, biblical


The role of the young slave girl in the healing of Naaman in 2 Kings provides valuable lessons for individuals seeking to make a change in this world. The young girl was an effective advocate, and using her example, this paper lays out a framework for small-scale advocacy efforts. Concurrently, the paper also examines a case study on advocacy undertaken for a disabled teenager on the island of American Samoa. Exploring both advocacy illustrations equips the reader with the ability to apply the advocacy steps discussed in this article in a practical manner.

Author Biographies

Joel Luc Raveloharimisy, MBA, PhD

Joel Raveloharimisy received his MBA from Eastern Washington University and his PhD from Western
Michigan University. He is Director of the Community and International Development Program at
Andrews University, Michigan.

Ave Altius, MSCID

Ave Altius completed a BA in Spanish and International Studies and an MS in International Development. She is interested in languages, culture, and how they interact on an international stage, as well as conducting research in international development.

Angy Plata, MSCID

Angy Plata graduated with a BA in Psychology and an MS in Community and International Development. Her passion lies in doing missions and development work in Southeast Asia.

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