Inclusion, Access, Belonging and Welcome

Moving beyond inclusion toward a welcome that leads to belonging within faith communities.

  • Michael Hoggat
Keywords: inclusion, belonging, access, disability ministry


While the term “inclusion” has been heralded as an aspirational goal within much of the Special Education and Disability Ministry literature, there remains a lack of shared understanding on what that term entails. This review seeks to examine the term and its implications. Furthermore, this review seeks to proffer an alternative term of “belonging,” which moves beyond traditional uses of both inclusion and access. Moreover, this essay seeks to provide a framework in which a welcome that leads to belonging can be realized within local faith communities.

Author Biography

Michael Hoggat

Michael Hoggatt earned his doctorate in Higher Educational Policy, with an emphasis in Disability Policy, from the University of California, Riverside. Currently, he has the opportunity to work alongside students with disabilities as an instructor and program coordinator at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California. Before entering academia, he served as both a social worker and a foster parent in Orange County, California. Michael also serves on the board of directors for Friendship Ministries, an outreach to churches engaged in serving individuals and families affected by disability.

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