Singing Through Our Suffering

  • Dave Deuel, Ph.D.
Keywords: heart, psalm, worship, singing, suffering, psalm 73


Life’s challenges come and go, but God’s purposes do not change. When we suffer, we often struggle spiritually with confusion about God and his goodness. Psalm 73 admonishes us to seek wisdom that leads to thankfulness by changing our perspective, even when our circumstances may not improve. In this spiritual battle, we acknowledge our confusion, seek God’s help to think clearly about scripture, find clarity in truth, and enjoy his purposes, now and for eternity. Strategically, talking plays a crucial role, singing all the more.

Author Biography

Dave Deuel, Ph.D.
Dave Deuel, Ph.D. is Senior Research Fellow – Special Projects in the Christian Institute on Disability at Joni and Friends, Academic Dean Emeritus for The Master’s Academy International, and Lausanne Catalyst for Disability Concerns at The Lausanne Movement.
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